I firmly believe that half of the fun of cupcakes and brownies is how they are decorated. Just take your favorite recipe and spruce it up with festive decorations. 

This month is HALLOWEEN!!!!! 

PS There are bonus pizzas at the end! 


Frost your favorite cupcakes with a thin layer of chocolate frosting. Use warmed marshmallow cream to cover the cupcakes in a mummy-like way. The eyes are peanut M&Ms with a dot of black writing-icing for the pupils. 
Frankenstein Cupcakes

Mix white frosting with a little bit of green food coloring. Frost a thin layer on your favorite cupcake. Top with a marshmallow and carefully frost the marshmallow. Break a pretzel stick into pieces and use two of them to put into either side of the face. Use black writing icing to design the face. 

Sometimes you just want quick and easy cupcakes. Go to stores like Michael's and pick up a small package of decorations, liners, and/or sprinkles in the holiday colors. 

Above we have a few easy way to decorate cupcakes using 1 pack of mini wrappers, sprinkles, and little Halloween signs.

Mini Red Velvet "Bleeding Knife" Cupcakes

These knives were available at Michael's. I topped mini Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Spread a little red gel on top and stuck them with a knife. A showstopper and so easy!

Halloween Brownies

Make your favorite brownies stand out with either of these easy ideas. Above, brownies were cut into ghost shapes and topped with a marshmallow creme. 

The Graveyard Brownies were topped with half of a vanilla cookie (I used Vienna Fingers) and I wrote pretty lame things on it --- like "RIP", "Bye", and "Dead". I added some green writing icing for a grass look, though the brownies could have been topped with green icing if you really want the full graveyard look. 


Both of these are super easy. Use prepared dough (or your favorite dough recipe), top with shredded cheese, top with pizza sauce, and either use cut up sting cheese (example to the left) or use Alfredo sauce to create a web pattern on the pizza. 

For the spiders, make each one out of 2 olives. Keep one olive whole, and cut the other into 8 pieces for the legs. If you love olives, add multiple spiders to each pie. 

Bake as normal. Easy and DELICIOUS! I prefer the Alfredo-version, but they are both great!

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