When I first moved to Savannah from Los Angeles, I figured my sushi days were over. Then I met Earl (an amazingly, lovable bartender at Tubby’s on River Street). He used to live in San Diego and also has a love of sushi—a hazard of living on the west coast. His response to my sushi woes--- Wasabi’s.

This sushi bar was everything he promised it would be. The atmosphere inside felt like I was back in my favorite sushi place in LA and the menu was loaded with options.

I’m a huge fan of tuna dishes so I often load up on those, along with anything with avocado. I love starting off with Ahi Poke. It is tasty, fresh, and a great way to start off a meal. The portion size is a lot too, so it’s plenty enough to share with friends. I also love Edamame (who doesn’t?). There is just something about being allowed to play with your food…actually I think that is one of the reasons I love sushi in general.

Wasabi’s offers an array of lunch and dinner combinations with a variety of rolls, Nigiri (fish served on rice), and sashimi (just the fish). I love picking out what I will be eating but the combos are really your best bet. The menu is really large and there are still many items I have yet to try, like the Hi Life Roll complete with potato chips.

As always, the sushi rolls are where the fun is at. I love the Savannah Sunrise, spicy tuna on top of a cucumber & avocado roll and served with a sweet sauce. Other fun rolls? South Accent (deep fried red snapper with avocado, lettuce, cucumber, & mayo), the Redneck (spicy tuna with shrimp tempura & sweet chili sauce), and the Titanic (deep fried crab stick, avocado & masago). Lets face it, the names make the rolls, right? And they are all generously portioned with quality ingredients.

I have yet to have a bad dish here and will return the next time I get the need for some sushi! If you’ve had bad sushi experiences in Savannah, I definitely recommend giving Wasabi’s a chance.

Top Shelf: Lunch Deals!

It’s really the best bang for your buck. You are likely to find what you are looking for and for a reasonable price.

location: 113 mlk blvd (downtown)
connect: Wasabi’s
SavannahMenu.com VIP restaurant: yes, 15% off entire check ($10 or more, no alcohol, dine in only)

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